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Air India Group:
Mega-transformation — April 2023

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So is the new Tata-controlled Air India Group capable of exploiting the potential of the Indian aviation market?

Appointed in mid-2022, the new CEO of the Air India Group, Campbell Wilson, a New Zealander, has been blitzing the media with his vision for a new Air India. His background is the SIA Group, where he was VP of sales and marketing and CEO of Scoot, SIA’s LCC. The task that he oversees is to rejuvenate the dinosaur Air India, whose privatisation process lasted over 20 years; integrate it with a different type of full service carrier — Vistara, a joint venture between Tata, with 51%, and SIA, with 49%, which started up in 2015, and is based at Delhi; at the same time as merging Air India Express, with another LCC, though one with a very different operating model — AIX Connect, which is the rebranded Air Asia India, Air Asia having sold out its stake to Tata.


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