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Healthy RJ order books March 2005 Download PDF

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The US regional airline industry recorded 96.7bn ASKs, almost a 27% year–on–year rise for the nine months ending in September 2004, with a traffic rise of 31% to 65.9bn RPKs.

The resulting load factor is a two–point increase from the corresponding period in 2003 to 68.1%. The regionals' healthy growth serving secondary markets and picking up routes discarded by the major carriers, is particularly benefiting the RJ market, which now accounts for 53% of the commuter/regional fleet in the US.

Bombardier delivered 178 CRJs in the 2004/05 financial year that ended on January 31, a drop from 214 CRJs in the previous year. The larger CRJ700 and CRJ900 deliveries continue to rise and the only segment slowing down is 50–seat RJs.

Embraer delivered 134 RJs in 2004, it has said that it foresees a "more moderate market for 30–to–60–seat aircraft and "more growth" for 70–to–110–seat RJs. Growth in the larger RJ market is illustrated in the firm order backlog table below, the main players are the US regionals and the European exceptions to this trend are the downsizing Swiss and the Air France franchisee Regional Airlines.

Embraer   Totals Bombardier   Totals
ERJ 135     CRJ200ER    
Luxair 2 17 Air Canada 4  
South Africa Airlink 15 Air Nostrum 23  
ERJ 140   20 Atlantic Coast Airlines 34  
Midwest 20 Delta 24  
ERJ145     Lufthansa 3 90
American Eagle 20   J-Air 2
China Southern 1   CRJ200LR    
Continental 29   Adria Airways 1  
Regional Airlines 8 66 Delta 7  
Rheintalflug 8 Northwest 21  
Emb170     US Airways 1 30
Finnair 12   CRJ701   2
GECAS 4   Brit Air 2
LOT Polish Airlines 4   CRJ701ER    
Republic 14   Styrian Spirit 1  
Swiss 15 112 GECAS 6  
US Airways 63 Horizon Air 9  
Emb175   15 Skywest 15  
Air Canada 15 Undisclosed 5  
Emb190     US Airways 32 68
Air Canada 45   CRJ705LR   15
COPA 10   Air Canada 15
JetBlue 100 155 CRJ900    
Emb195   15 Mesa Air Group 20 20
Swiss 15      
TOTAL   400 TOTAL   225

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