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Boeing and Airbus
Orders 2018 — February 2019

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Boeing managed to beat its arch rival Airbus in the order race in 2018. The total number of Boeing aircraft ordered in the year came in at 1,090 against Airbus’s 831. Even after cancellations and changes in the order book net orders for the Seattle based manufacturer came in at 893 units against Toulouse’s 747 (Boeing adopted ASAC 602 in the year which removed some 70 aircraft from the recognised backlog). 

Roughly 20% of each manufacturers' orders were from leasing companies, but there was a significant difference between the two in the distribution of orders by airline operators by region. 20% of the Boeing orders were for carriers in Asia/Pacific — the world’s engine of growth — against 9% for Airbus. But this mostly reflects a massive order from India’s troubled Jet Airways for 150 737s. 


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